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Create Your Own Mac WebApps With Fluid


With the ever increasing number of applications designed to run in a web browser, it's not unusual to have many, many browser tabs open simultaneously. How many times does one of those sites hangs and crashes causing the whole browser to go down. If you had, say GTalk open in one of the tabs, there goes your chat session. Fluid is a free site specific browser solution for the Mac. Using Fluid, you create individual SSBs (site specific browsers) to run your favorite web apps as separate desktop applications. Fluid give each webapp a desktop and dock icon, menu bar, tabbed browsing, userscripting (aka Greasemonkey,) a JavaScript APIGrowl notifications and more.



How does Fluid work? Upon launching the app, Fluid will display a small window as pictured above. You simply type in the URL of the webapp you'd like to create and a name for your app. Next specify a location and icon by using the drop down menus provided. Below is a Fluid application window filled out to create a Google Voice webapp as an example.



You can use Fluid to run many of the web based apps you use everyday such as: GTalk, Twitter, Flickr Google Docs and many more. Anything that runs in the browser can be turned into a separate webapp. Below is a screen grab of the Google Voice app I created.



As an alternative, you can also covert any Fluid webapp you create into a MenuExtra SSB which is a site specific browser that resides in the status bar much like the clock and Spotlight. Simply select "Covert to MenuExtra SSB" from the main menu of the app you want to convert. This is a very handy feature for sites you access frequently such as mail clients. 


Let me know what you think. Is Fluid something you find useful? I invite your comments.


You can download Fluid here:

Posted via email from Marty McPadden