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A New Take on #FollowFriday

The tradition of sending out recommendations to follow certain people on Twitter every Friday (also known as FollowFriday,) has been around for some time now. While the original intention of Follow Friday was noble, lately it seems to have lost some of its original meaning. Instead of posting a couple of recommendations with specific reasons why you should follow, many Follow Friday recommendations are simply long lists of seemingly random Twitter IDs and bunches of retweets of similar lists. To me, this borders on spam instead of genuine recommendations.

Since follow recommendations should be based on real experiences with people you interact and engage with, I propose the #followfriday hashtag and tradition be replaced with the hashtag #followeveryday and that follow recommendations be limited to one person per tweet. Instead of just posting follow recommendations on Fridays, use the #followeveryday hashtag and post one sincere and genuine recommendation everyday. That way, each follow recommendation stands alone and doesn't get lost in the sea of endless lists and retweeted lists. You certainly don't have to post #followeveryday recommendations everyday, I'm just saying they should be limited to one per day.


What do you think? Has Follow Friday lost it's luster? I invite your comments.


Posted via email from Marty McPadden

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