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UnHub: Simple, Smart Profiles is a great web tool created by Vinicius Vacanti (@vacanti on Twitter) that provides a personal profile bar containing any and all your web based profiles at a single URL. It also provides a personal link shortener that offers analytics and a link back to your home page.



As you can see from the above screenshot, you simply create entries for all your social media profiles, many are directly supported, and decide which one you want to appear as your home page. You can add any URL to your page's profile bar and assign it the appropriate label. Everything is managed from your own personal link dashboard.



Above is a screenshot of my UnHub profile page. For this example, I have chosen my Twitter profile page to be my "home page." Each time someone goes to your UnHub site, your profile bar appears with your assigned home page. As visitors to your site click on your various links, your profile bar stays at the top of each page and functions as a navigation tool to all your social media profiles.


The other main feature of UnHub is the link shortener. This works like any other URL shortener but functions within your Unhub account to offer analytic information. It even allows you to quickly shorten links directly in the address bar of your browser. All links include your profile bar at the top of each page and stays with that page as it gets passed around. Each time someone clicks on one of your shortened links, the profile bar displays your name as the person who shared the link, source data including the number of "diggs," redirects and bookmarks your link has received to date as well as the original source URL description.


You check out my UnHub profile page at


I want to give special thanks to who shared this tool with me.


Posted via email from Marty McPadden

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