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Yesterday marked the beginning of a new adventure for me.  After a month and a half of planning and preparation for a site designed to be a hub for people to jam, my partner and co-host @mistygirlph have launched PodJam.Tv.  We started out with two posts here on my site.  We had so much fun writing and sharing with our audience that we pushed ourselves to move forward and create a place for people to learn, and share with our passion.   Our goal is to be able to post videos, audio podcasts and written  articles full of helpful tidbits of information that deals with different aspects of a person’s digital life.

L to R: Misty Belardo and Marty McPadden

We hope to bring our personal views, reviews and tips about photography, social media, technology and life. Take you to our travels and  allow you a peak into our online and offline life.  What will happen to my site you may ask.  Well, it will still be here, please feel free to browse around and share if you like.  But my efforts and concentration will be on PodJam.Tv, creating content for the new site is now my priority.  I invite you to check out PodJam.Tv, come and have fun with us, engage and learn with us.  

You can also find PodJam.Tv on Facebook and please follow us on Twitter for updates, cool contests and giveaways.



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